Meet the Employees

Carly Christie Lisa Ford- Manager Jodi Lajeunesse & Liz Lajeunesse

Carly Christie

I'm Carly Christie. I was adopted from Honduras at 5 months old and I've since been back to visit my birth family twice. Some of you might recognize me from when I worked here before! At that time I was working at two doggy daycares! I can't seem to stay away from animals.  I got my first dog, a Cairn Terrier, at the age of 11.

And since then, my family has had two more dogs that we adopted from Oregon Humane Society. In the fall of 2014, I began volunteering at OHS.

I love spending time with dogs and since I do not have any pets of my own, I have many outlets for getting my puppy fix. I would love to go into a career where I would work with as many animal species as possible.

Lisa Ford- Manager

Lisa has a passion for animals and is currently living with four feral cats: Momma, Tange, Scardi and Black Cat, along with one foster cat named Cali, but her heart belongs to the dogs. Since birth she has been around large dogs and has taken care of other people’s animals throughout her life including dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, skunks, and a horse. She lost her beloved dogs Santo and Diablo in 2012 and 2013.

She has lived in the Portland area most of her life and graduated with an AA in Graphic Design from Mt. Hood Community College.

Road trips, photography, outings to the beach, floating the river and sliding down the slopes of Mt. Bachelor are some of Lisa’s favorite things. She also can get wrapped up in a good movie and great TV shows.

Lisa has always dreamed of a job where she could interact with her canine friends and give back the love that they have always shown her. “A dog’s love for human kin is endless as is their loyalty to us, coming to work at Gabriel Park ‘N’ Bard brings joy to my heart!”

Jodi Lajeunesse & Liz Lajeunesse

Jodi and Liz are a sister-team here at the daycare. Liz managed the daycare for a couple years before it switched ownership. Now Liz job coaches her little sister who has a love for animals, especially dogs and cats.

Jodi is owned by two dogs, KT and Peytan, and two cats, ERL and Hollywood. ERL is an old lady who has been around since both Jodi and Liz’s childhood and her name comes from Liz’s initials. Jodi graduated from Century High School and has since been keeping herself busy with community classes at PCC and volunteering time at Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter. She loves dancing, movies, road trips and traveling, and has a special place in her heart for classic cars.

Liz is owned by three cats: Diesyl, Tank, and Trigger and her Rottweiler/Lab Kimber. She works full-time for the state of Oregon as a Personal Support Worker for those with developmental delays. She is also a full-time student preparing for medical school. In her free-time she enjoys hiking, road tripping and traveling, movies, reading and plays softball and kickball.